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  • Astrals

    I have played this game for years. I used to enjoy building astrals as they increased br by a decent amount. on this last east servr 736, i have 1 red, 6 orange and a purple....i spend millions upon millions try to get good no avail. Today i removed all of them and lost a paltry 10k BR. This is a cruel joke right? Lose the astral system as it has out lived its usefulness. I'm sure you have many other ways to reclaim the gold from us you so desperately desire. The game has gotten so cash involved i'm losing interest in even trying to keep up, let alone have any desire left to try. I wont be spending anymore money on the game, so it probably wont be long before i just abandon it altogether. Thanks R2 for screwing things up.

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    Astrals are still extremely relevant to players at all levels. Getting rid of them would be very bad. And a single maxed-out astral is over 30k BR, so you have a long way to go.

    It is a completely fair complaint that astrals are simply impossible to level up to the highest levels if you're not VIP, because the number of clicks involved is utterly ridiculous. I'm all in favor of making the original 1-click capture work for everyone, while the auto-capture can be a VIP-only perk. It's insane you can't even use a temp VIP card to access it, since it's a VIP level 3 bonus.


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      There are also some astrals that provide block and reflect. The Mage class in particular does not have any reflect skills and this helps them. I admit, personally, that the astral system could be looked at in regards to the 1-clicker. Maybe a suggestion of allowing knighthood players have this option, or class advance? I shall definitely bring this up at our next meet.
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