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Treasure bag space

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  • Treasure bag space

    I was wondering why we can t add more stuff in our treasure bags ???

    I have 2 and half page empty in my treasure bags

    would be nice if we can put our broken space shards in there too, and our dimensions
    and maybe our eudeamon stuff in there also

    so this way we can use the room we have in those bags more then we can use it now

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  • #2
    Great suggestions, I truly would like to see the relic shards moved into there, so many of those. But I will forward it on
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    • #3
      would be nice .. to move that what evel wrote to there and would be nice if they lowerd price for opening another page in vault 3 mil guild wealth is bit much its over 300bil gold each 30 days


      • #4
        Great idea Evel.. we need more room yet again!


        • #5
          I agree on having more space. At first the 2 extra pages in the guild-vault were awesome but since the last patches we need to collect so much more items that my inventories are full again. And i don't want to spend bb's just because the devs keep adding things we need. Without these extra guild-pages it isn't even possible to collect all items so spending to add more space is forced. And i am in a rich guild so there are open pages at any time but smaller guilds can't do this.

          And the weirdest things wich fill up slots are these relic-shards, 12 slots!