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lvl 3 refinement crystals

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  • lvl 3 refinement crystals

    where else can i get lvl 3 refinement crystals from to refine my lvl 70 gears,i can only seem to find them in the shop at 15 balens each and as im doing all my gears this is going to take forever,as im not a rich person and cant afford to put thousands of balens on my account. any help with this please....

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    Go to the crypt-shop and buy a load of lvl60 rings. Recycle them and you'll end up with tons of these stones.
    The reason why you must buy the lvl60 and not the lvl70 rings is the price, lvl60 gear is cheaper. If you do not trust this, buy one ring, recycle it and see for yourself.


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      Follow what Buuurman has stated. Lvl 60's are much cheaper than Lvl 70's in the crypt shop. Another thing you can do is buy the level 60 crystaloids and make equipment out of such to be recycled.
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        thank you for ur feed back guys ,great help tyvm..