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Mage and Archer Talents!!!! eat your heart out ppl

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  • Originally posted by Carassimira View Post
    Class Talents will surely rock boats.. dunno if i should be happy or be alarmed.. x.x but yea, im thankful that it doesnt require balens thingy for it to be unlocked.. XD thanks for the heads up Candykid!
    yw ^_^ just glad i could give everyone insight

    Originally posted by BlueEarth View Post
    I do not understand.... The Holy Seal of the Mage will deal PHYSICAL DAMAGE, not magical damage??
    -_-" does noone read my previous statements it was a typo.....
    Name : Akemi
    Class : Magi
    Level : 32+
    Server : S1- Hallowed Grounds


    • Pls Post The Talent of Knight!!!!!!!

      Server 40 The Badlands
      Level 60
      Class Knight


      • knight talents are already been shown in another thread, use the search bar to find it


        • Talent For Knight?

          So where r those for Knight..? only archer and Mage got Talent system?


          • FOR KNIGHT TALENT: PAGE 3 SCROLL DOWN (it just text and not as shiny but it is there)


            • So no knight info again?
              Guild [INFINITY]
              Guild Position: MEMBER
              server: Duskin Arena


              • What Knight info u want?


                • Originally posted by GreatPaul View Post
                  So no knight info again?
                  read the whole thread, mate. let me help u this time.

                  Note : for all classes as passive lvled up, it will give better bonus for each passive.

                  1. Holy Seal

                  2.Tyranny(passive): Slasher have chance to gain increase your skill damage Buff(5%), (2 round)

                  3. Concentrate(passive): reduce the cool down for Enchance Delpic Destroyer, (5 second)

                  4. Tornado(passive)- your whirlwind have a chance to bleed your opponent, causing them to lose 20% damage per turn. (last 3 round)(the damage based on your whirlwind damage done to him/her)

                  5. Blast(passive): Ultimate slasher damage increased 5% but the rage consume increased by 2

                  6.Iron wall(passive): Incoming Damage reduced 5%-permenant.

                  7.Meditation(passive): intercept have chance to recovery 5% of your max hp.

                  8. Lasting(passive): when you are successful blocked incoming damage, you have chance to Reflect back 10 % of the damage.

                  9. Rescue(passive): Shadow Trasher have a chance to add +5% damage reduction buff for you. (last 2 round)
                  I don't need a plan.....just a goal, the others.....will follow on their own.