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+600 mount

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  • +600 mount

    Just out of curiosity, as I have not gotten yet a mount with this stat, how much BR does it give approximately? Thanks

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    don't know as ive never won a mount from luck exchange ever as r2 deems to give me a uber low drop rate of 00.5 % lol and other can win 3 or 4 mounts from luck exchange using a few or hundred event boxes


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      Without eudaemon/willpower or passive stat boost skills, each point translates to BR like this:
      Strength/Intellect: 5
      Defense: 8
      Endurance: 5

      So a +600 mount gives (before +50 from hooves) 13.8k BR. It's a lot more when you factor in the eudaemon/willpower effect, as they get a % of all the stats, and HP counts for BR 1:1 rather than the 4:1 for your character. And that number is increased by the passive effects of certain skills that increase your raw stats.
      Also remember to count whatever is in the title, as there is a title for every mount of that power level.


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        Thanks MrFancyPants. A friend told me the pumpkin mount gave her 21k+ BR (including the title).


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          with 3 different clothing title u get 115k br....if u got 4000 bound balens just click rider chest once in a while...


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            This is true, the clothing titles will give you more due to the HP stat in it. You can find balen mines within dims and if lucky can do the riders box weekly. Great chance to get one of those titles mounts.
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