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Wartune Friendliness Question

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  • Wartune Friendliness Question

    Hi I have added a strong friend and I want to use its sylph for sylph expedition, she added me, but now shes in my stranger list, how to avoid stranger list. What are to do list and not to do to increase friendliness, does offering a rose will surely get back from stranger to friend so that I can use its sylph..

    does it have to do with charm, how charm affect the game wartune??

    thanks in advanced for replying to my question...
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    Stranger means that your friend deleted you or that when you sent the friend request for whatever reason your friend didn't accept/get the request, ask her to add you and should be fixed.
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      thanks I now understand. another thing whats the importance of having charm.?


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        Just for the rankings (and title). That is all.
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