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  • Originally posted by rheasteer View Post
    Hmmm, maybe because I only have level 1 wings, from what I know the level 2 wings give additional attack, not sure though how much attack it give. And also, half of my MATK gems are still level 4 lol cuz I am prioritizing my pdef gems for now since there are a lot of heavy patk-ers in our server. Still have to work on other pdef gems and after that Imma work on my matk again. I don't use crypt key in cata, freakin' WP = 123%. T_T
    Go for lv2 wings! It has some nice boost on matk. I'm working on my last 2 lv5 hp gems atm. My server 90% archers, 5% knights, 5% mages. Still working on my BR to catching up to you but it's hard to win mage bid for the wildfire heh. I use crypt key for 45-49 because i want to rush gems ASAP before the WP goes any higher.
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    • Zorich | S195

      Unbuffed Statistics:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Zorich.jpg
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ID:	1673516

      Stables L2, Brutal Edge L1, Gems L6 (Mostly)

      Clothing: L4 Wings, L5 Head, L6 Robes, L5 Weapon


      • Mini update with finally having 60 set.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	60 set.PNG
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Size:	384.3 KB
ID:	1673547
        Now i just need to make it all legend><


        • some update


          • here is my mage
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            • Originally posted by R26119117 View Post
              here is my mage
              Hah. The bully in my bracket. Need to level your astrals more and try to get red. Oh and nice try clicking me when i'm low hp. Better luck next time
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              • Originally posted by krackenker View Post
                Mini update with finally having 60 set.
                Now i just need to make it all legend><
                Ooo Grats on the 60 set!
                Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
                You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
                Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
                Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


                • What are some suggested stats for a mage doing the 1st boss of DT NM for summoner?

                  I have 3/4 50 PVE Legendary set


                  • 50k is oky for a pve full legendary mage


                    • Originally posted by R214332983 View Post
                      What are some suggested stats for a mage doing the 1st boss of DT NM for summoner?

                      I have 3/4 50 PVE Legendary set
                      Around 55-60k br and a lot of matk to do good heal is needed, but ofc it also depends on your party, if u have 2 archers that can keep deep & IS up and another mage to heal, then it's not very hard.


                      • New update after i buy rings lv 50 and got an yellow mdef astral


                        • What are Astrals? I am confused is that orbs? Or something different?


                          • Originally posted by GreyKittehMage View Post
                            Oh hello, 4Nia, nice to see you here! And thank you for the nice words and for your message.

                            You've met one of my gurus, Creamy, and Ginger is the other one; they're also known (besides being horrible haxxors ) for writing this guide for slow levellers:
                            It's very useful, go through it and feel free to ask any questions; a lot of people have commented there, so you'll be in good company. What Creamy replied to you int he post above is pretty much my reply in a nutshell, though I'll reply with a bit of details to your e-mail, as you're asking some specific questions there.

                            Cheers and hope to see you again in BG. Spread the slow-levelling craziness! ^_^

                            Update: what with the new high commander medallion and some refining, this is what it looks like right now:
                            hello, about the link about slow leveling xD thats the very thready i have read thats why i started slow leveling :P i was a month and a half in lvl46 aiming for lvl9 guild skills and in my amazement, i became the owner of lvl40 - 49 tier, not to mention getting in solo arena ranking with high levels and plundering lvl55 players but the thing was i was forced by my guildies to level up because they need more man power to help in GoD thats why i rushed to lvl50 immediately, but the good news, i was spelunker in lvl50, and i got my templars lvl50 too with lvl3 englightenment on matk ( lucky because after spending all remaining daru in for lvl1, i got lvl2 and lvl3 consecutively xD nyahahaha) and about why im late in getting my leg50 because i didnt think of sythesizing crystaloids lvl3 to lvl4 that time, and i thought that the bullsh*t holy seal will be my very best friend on slow leveling but it didnt help me because i am now 8% away on being a level 55 because i helped a guildmate in his key run in GoD NM and thinking if i will reset my seal, it will consume exp again but knowing i just wasted 895 vouchers for nothing because it didnt consume my exp at all so here i am now collecting lvl3 crytaloids in void and making them lvl4 and all most of the people in the server is asking if i will be doing leg40 instead of leg50 but i answer them "its a small price to pay than to level up being a weak one... and so on and so forth xD

                            thanks guys for replying ^_^ when i face with ginger, crazy, creamy sauce in group arena... i always tell my party members which are lowbies that the mentioned names are the result of a disciplined slow leveling and they are now also starting slow leveling which are aiming for max guild skills first ^_^ but others are just stubborn and still leveling up fast

                            thats all... i dont want to make a novel on this thread... but thank you if you read the whole ^_^
                            Keep safe mentors... Ill spread the word!


                            • Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
                              Though I'm not GreyMage, I'll respond: Careful planning and gathering bits for months. I started preparing my lvl 50 set at level 42, which was back in February. Buy 5 leg stones from guild shop each day, save insignias, luck stones for enchanting, socketing rods and gold, etc. Only thing bought were some of the crystaloids in a pack.
                              And good to see you change your opinion on people. More people should do that.
                              yes ^_^ i suddenly thought of that after i said ultima casher to greymage xD nyahahaha... well i am and im glad im friendly.. and now im a student of slow levers which are also helpful :P thanks alot

                              but i dont have money for buying crystaloids hahahaha...


                              • Originally posted by AndreyTz View Post
                                New update after i buy rings lv 50 and got an yellow mdef astral
                                fashion check: buy the wings of the set lol ^_^

                                nice mage... keep it up