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  • please explain

    can someone explain why some players can be already in sylph while i just hit them twice? and no, without the titan skill.
    they hit 2 or 3 times while i hit 1. is this a cheat, a glitch a hack??? what is R2 doing about it? nothing because the people who use this "thing"
    are the big cashing guys, so R2 can't lose their golden egg goose and allow this to happen. its not enough they spend a fortune on this you still allow them to use hacks????

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    that a long known fact .. that r2 ppl get that 2 a 3 turn advantage in r2 hosted stuff .. with most pvp is


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      is it on bg becudse ther you keep aweaking from others fight if not died? is in ga aginst mage whit kh skill ther has skill who give i think about 2k aweaking if rember right


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        Just look at the fight clock - it only takes about 40 seconds (or less) to charge awakening, without any bonuses, and in a crowded fight, 2 attacks will easily take longer than 40 seconds. Add in the potential for awakening boost skills, and it's not that unlikely to be able to awaken as your second or third action. Once again, it all comes down to the fact that 4 on 4 arena takes way too long because every action takes too long, and there are far too many of them.
        If you're talking about a 1 on 1 fight, that's harder to pull off, but a knight can potentially gain 1600 awakening points in 2 attacks, so still definitely possible to beat you to awakening easily.


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          This can also be argued back, R2 players experience the same lag and they also report that Kabam players getting 2 or 3 hits in before they get 1 hit.

          Also if you are fighting a mage, we have a skill we can use instantly to fill our awakening if we have the rage points. This could also be the case.
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            Every class has passive/active skills that increase the awaken points so awakening on 3rd "turn" even in 1on1 is very possible. One thing that helps is that if you learn to time the skill activations right you can prolong the time it takes for you to do each action and that way awaken points have more time to accumulate and you can usually awaken one turn earlier.