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  • Will Power

    why you need 2 the same eudeamons? what if i dun care if i have 1 eudeamon left after making a WP? its annoying to get the right stuff from patrol rarely drop the stuff that you need.. in my case eudeamon soul lvl2 and eudeamon dust lvl2. and why can't you synthensize the lvl 1's?

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    I think it has to do with the overall eud-level. When you merge two euds to one willpower it will drop. My guess that it has to do with that.
    But it is a bit annoying, when i finally collected enough mats for a willpower i needed to get a new Oracle since i had only one of those. So i used the shards but got all euds except the Oracle.

    It took 2 days.

    Oh, and if you have the eud, remember not to start a patrol before merging because a patrolling eud cannot be merged. Also do not go into the Endless Abyss because you can't merge euds once u started that and the required eud is fighting. It is a bit of a hassle but we all went there.


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      need 2nd rabbit... its just annoying that you need 2 rabbits and 2 panthers to make a deathspecter