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Please Give Me Advice on Guild Issue

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    It is for this reason that i am always part of the #1 guild on any server i start playing that and i love being with the best i learn lil tidbits here and there about how to improve gameplay and the ins and outs before i even had my first lvl 50 character i knew exactly how to beat GoD Tarra and Moon and im working my way to Demon but i also play with a majority of the lvl 70 players so i have a good information source for the ins and the outs of the game
    Name : Akemi
    Class : Magi
    Level : 32+
    Server : S1- Hallowed Grounds


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      Originally posted by Senjuu View Post
      first is consider the Guild level.. a level 10 guild has more or less guild skills on lvl8-10.. most of the time, guild level = guild skill its better to choose those guilds in lvl7 (for starters its good) or if you're lucky enough, on a level10 guild..

      second is guild strength.. for me, being in top 8 (or 16) in guild strength connotes more active players in the guild..more active players in that guild, higher chance of getting someone help you in dungeons, group arena and better chances of winning in Guild battle (you get huge sum of honor and insigs[talking about 400/lose - 850/win on average].. and 10mount whips per win)..
      Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. Much appreciated.