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Suggestions for Eudaemon Domain

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  • Suggestions for Eudaemon Domain

    I have a couple of suggestions I would like to propose for Eudaemon's Domain:

    1. For each minute that passes in battle, increase damage by 50% just like in all other pvp battles (Ex: arena, battleground). I don't understand why it's not implemented here.
    2. Only allow Willpowers to be played in Olympus Realm. If you already have willpowers, why do you still need to use them in Tartarus Realm?

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    I'd like to make a couple of points about number 2. I don't know about other people but i used my strongest Euds when i made my Willpowers ( 2 atm ) so i kind of have to use them no matter which realm they are fighting in, otherwise there would be no point in entering either. Also, unless you have maxed the upgrades to lvl 40, which i haven't, you still need the upgrade materials for Euds from Tartarus.