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  • Thanksgiving event rewards

    In the thanksgiving event, what type of rewards do we get for each type of card? Why does it not say what the rewards are?

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    As always, they will have us try and figure it out for ourselves.
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      I've recently got a code for willpower card. Thought the pack contained something like a random level 1 willpower (lol), but it turns out it had willpower gear, key of will, and blood of zeus x200 on it.


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        Upgrade card: 300 sylph soul orbs and 300 advanced henna
        Classic Boss card: 200 blood of zeus, 2 million gold and basic talent stones

        Please share if anybody else collected other rewards


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          is this for r2 servers only as wonderhill has no thanksgiving events that give boss cards or upgrade cards ?????????

          well just did a check yes its on r2 that's poor design work so r2 giving r2 players nice rewards again and no 1 else making r2 players stronger and rest of platforms weaker

          why don't r2 just move every 1 else out of the cross server as this is wrong and just leave r2 amongst their selves
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            This event rates as one of the lamest events for Wartune. I have seven extra cards over four categories...i.e. I can't do squat with them; so I'm not sure as to what to be thankful.