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Chat, party chat during some events ????

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  • Chat, party chat during some events ????

    First party chat was removed in Venus War, now we have many events where we can't chat at all, since many of these events are botring, we spent half the time waiting and we can't even chat while waiting, many on my server are complaining about it. Were is the fun we all enjoyed when Wartune was started, we can't even fight in Hero Trial most of the time you just walk to the other side without opponents. please bring back the fun to play we all had few years ago

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    If you're talking about Eud Domain and Hero Trial you can chat by holding shift+tab and hitting enter. It puts the cursor into the chat bar. Poker is the same way.
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      Not only during the events. In OC the chat always goes to OC-chat with every action you do. If you are in an active quild and there are some conversation in that you miss out unless you select "quild chat" again. This is a workaround but when blitzing in Endless Abyss you can't even chat at all so you have to sit out the ride. But when you are on a higer level the blitz takes around 10 mins wich is very very annoying.

      These things were pointed out a long time ago and many tickets were created for that but never ever changes. A social game where one can't chat whenever he/she wants to.