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guild beast (& world boss) dev

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  • guild beast (& world boss) dev

    why do we have to attack beast & world boss to get dev ? its dumb why can't we just attend those events to get the dev ?
    I know r2 will never answer this & give an answer to the players but this is something that would make all the difference bcs the damn wb ends in 3-4 seconds & some people miss the dev in beast bcs we have to attack beast to get the dev
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    It's been suggested that devotion be when entering these two events. No one knows if down the road it will change, or if it will stay as a participation requirement.
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      With the exception to new servers, the old servers are left out in the cold because of how powerful they've become. No one wants to strip to satisfy the entire server so that everyone can get in. Now, it's to the point that someone may just one-shot the world boss, thus denying everyone else that needed devotion; it can be due to the lag or something that prevents said player from connecting to the world boss for a battle.

      Guild beast, on the other hand, it takes timing on the coordination of other guild members and the leader. However, I also find it far-fetched because a member could be either collecting, battling an Acas (for attack boosting) or a Hellish monster for the flame (and dropping the reflect bonus from the boss), and won't be able to get to the boss to connect with the devotion because their strongest member took it out in one shot.

      I am in for those two to be an entrance requirement as well. I am one that coordinates with the effort, but there will always be that one where a misfire will happen that will end the event.
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        WB and GB became a joke a long long time ago. WB is pretty doable to join but GB is retarded. Our guild wait with the attack till all guildies are in and next to the boss. At one point the guildmaster says "Go!" and everyone is off. That creates an enormous lagspike where you can actually miss the boss because it is dead before you reach it.

        Brought to the attention several times but was it changed? No ofc not. But we have to friggin attend it for devotion otherwise it is hard to get 300 on a day. Well, i gave up on 300 devotion months ago because it became too frustrating. Miss some things and you are sc.rewed but you were almost the whole day online for that. 150 devo on a normal day and 200/250 during rave is more than enough. Not going to spend that much time in this game anymore, devs don't listen so i don't play that much.