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Eud Domain rewards and sign up

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  • R215564585
    started a topic Eud Domain rewards and sign up

    Eud Domain rewards and sign up

    Why do we have to collect our Eud Domains rewards, for all other events rewards go directly to our pack, why can't this be done with the domain rewards? Why do we have to resign up every night for Eud Domain, all other events you sign up once, why can't we do a weekly sign up for Ed Domain?

  • Meikura001
    Because they could not even think straight. In the old Eud Arena, there was no sign-up required; you just go in and fight (when it comes available). You get the rewards then and there (and it gets bigger when you get 100 and 300 points throughout the week). They (the devs) put in this daffy feature and R2 puts in the wrong time to attend (I am hardly on at that time due to other things; others are trying to juggle between CCW/Post Grab and other things to try and get in there to get a fight).

    Also, in the old Eud Arena, most fights can be done in about 30 minutes or less (with full attempts). Mine was like within 10 minutes per team because I only put in one Eud for the quickie devote.

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