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sylph/eud equipment upgrade items?

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  • sylph/eud equipment upgrade items?

    any chance there are any options for getting violet/green/blue flames for
    taking eud equipment up that is not a "cash it from the store" option?

    and those damn compliment of god items for sylphs?

    my eudaemon and sylphs have been stalled for a very long time
    over these items.

  • #2
    Flames can be found in archaeology, different maps have different flames.

    Compliment of god can be found in the voyage.
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    • #3
      Long ago the green flames were obtaineble via the event-trinkets but since they were removed only digging can be done to obtain them.
      I need blue flames but the droprate in digging seems to be very low, only get 50 of them each 30 days and i dig 30 times a day.


      • #4
        if that is the only way to get flame other than some cashing,i guess the eud's
        are done.and voyage may as well be the same,takes forever.

        only a part time player so not around enough,rarely dig and only do voyage a couple times a week.


        • #5
          It is pretty unfair, we used to get tons of the green flames, now they're a real pain to dig up. This game does seem to forget sometimes that not all players have been around for years to take advantage of past events.
          They should just put the lower level materials in various shops so anyone can get them, and then the higher level stuff has always been harder to get hold of anyway, so that can go on as normal.