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Patch 7.7 Daily Check-in rewards....A Step In The Wrong Direction!

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  • Patch 7.7 Daily Check-in rewards....A Step In The Wrong Direction!

    I'm really underwhelmed by the new changes to the check-in rewards in the new patch, the cast stones are a good addition but its too few to be anything of meaningful.
    for me the bound balans were the main incentive , it would have been nice for little increase .maybe 50bb more ....
    the diamonds also very few and too low on lvl to be anything of meaning .adv mahra is good for many growing characters , but majority of grown charterers no longer find it appealing and relatively easy to come by from other sources .
    The BB is so good ,because all players can find a use for them and an incentive to log in to get them.
    maybe we can have items like Beast Souls , Clothing Shards ,Nickels, those are valuable items and appreciated by most, and not easy to come by . also a chest designed for the check-ins where we have a chance to get a random old piece of clothing for example, will give check-ins more substantial role and something worthy to anticipate .Click image for larger version

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    Thank you for the detailed feedback.
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