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    Originally posted by nevadashadi View Post
    Would you lose everything if you were to transfer to a new server or would you keep everything but it'll just be transferred to a new server?
    Neither. You start completely over, or apply it to any character that's under lvl 55 on the same account, and receive bonuses based your old account. For more information about this event, please see the thread that is linked through the activity page:
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      code dosent work its say the code expire and i never use it


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        Same problems the code doesn’t work on new server says its expired and my old server it lvl 80 I didn’t played like 1 year
        old server s190 and the new server s869
        every one on the new server they says the code working but mine not u can see in screenshots
        can sort out soon as possible
        i opened ticket and nobody look at it


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          I wonder if we lost account with the transfer to another server? or kill both accounts