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  • WC spam

    can R2 make an option that you dun see WC? if put on party chat only you still keep see spam from wc and lose your party chat

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	MWSnap169.png
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ID:	1942397 As you can see by chat their are tabs r2 call all world party guild and system

    1: all shows all wats said in those tabs 2: only world chat typing should only be visable 3: guild tab only the guild can chat ere nothing else can be seen and finaly 4: All those system spam messages should only be their and no were else get ur programming right for once


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      I would agree, but many people sit on one tab and never check all or system, so would miss every important announcement if announcements were only in all or system. The unimportant announcements about how so and so got such and such are advertisements for such and such, meant to entice people into doing whatever it was too.

      The lucky exchange flooding us with announcement spam isn't a common thing because normally there isn't that many lucky exchanges done. Christmas was definitely an exception, but things should have calmed down now.
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        was ment for the lucky exchange spam.. that was quit annoying