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Boring clothing exchange!!

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  • Boring clothing exchange!!

    For the last 2 or 3 weeks, the clothing exchange has been the same boring ****. How about a little creativity and give us more clothing options instead of the same over and over!

    Clothing Shard Exch.
    Duration: 12/29/2017 00:00 - 01/04/2018 23:59
    Description: Use Clothing Shards to exchange for useful items.
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Noble Frost Wings x1, Noble Frost Helmet x1, Noble Frost Armor x1, Noble Frost Weapon x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Fallen Angel's Wing x1, Fallen Angel's Staff x1, Fallen Angel's Garment x1, Fallen Angel's Glory x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Azure Hermit Wings x1, Azure Hermit Weapon x1, Azure Hermit Armor x1, Azure Hermit Helmet x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Psychic Aristocrat Wings x1, Psychic Aristocrat Helmet x1, Psychic Aristocrat Staff x1, Psychic Aristocrat Garment x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Sailor's Wings x1, Sailor's Weapon x1, Sailor's Armor x1, Sailor's Hat x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Warflame Wings x1, Warflame Weapon x1, Warflame Robes x1, Warflame Helmet x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Summer Shadow Wings x1, Summer Shadow Helmet x1, Summer Shadow Armor x1, Summer Shadow Weapon x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Cosmic Wings x1, Cosmic Helmet x1, Cosmic Blade x1, Cosmic Armor x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Death Knight Wings x1, Death Knight Armor x1, Death Knight Weapon x1, Death Knight Helmet x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Aladdin's Wings x1, Aladdin's Hat x1, Aladdin's Robe x1, Aladdin's Weapon x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Imperial Rose Wings x1, Imperial Rose Weapon x1, Imperial Rose Gown x1, Imperial Rose Crown x1
    • Clothing Shard x150 for Fengshui Wings x1, Fengshui Blade x1, Fengshui Garment x1, Fengshui Ornament x1
    • Clothing Shard x3 for Fashion Core x1
    • Clothing Shard x3 for Good Luck Charm x1

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    Clothing exchange rotation might be slowed down due to clothing shards being harder to obtain, which I'm sure the people who still need these sets appreciate. It will take a few cycles to know if this is the new normal, or if they simply took a break because of the amount of clothing items in the Christmas exchanges.
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      they need to freeze these clothing event last time they put out the exchange i had the bottem 5 sets now i have only 1.. so gonna miss 2/ 3 sets when they put the exchange in again.. R2 need to put in the clothing shards again instead of the ton's of blood of zeus wich you can get every where...


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        They need to put back clothing shards reward. Otherwise most events are just not worth doing any more.