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  • Dragonchant

    i recently(few hours) made dragon's edge and opened the 3 free talisman chests,unfortunately i got patk,mdef, a mage the patk its equal with 0 for me(ik that eud gets atk).What would u do if this happens to you? I can't defeat the first boss in time vortex and this looks a bit unfair because if u get wrong talisman you are in a big disadvantage. If u have some tips i would appreciate if u would told me..ty for reading

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    The PATK/MATK talisman is only one you can get with luck, or unluck like you. If you can't beat the first boss, maybe u can team up with a strong player of your server and take on a rift-boss. That way you can get better talismans and thus beat more bosses on your own.

    If i can give a tip about the talismans. Leave the green ones as they are and try to get only better ones wich means team-up with other players. All resources you put in talismans are lost once you replace them with stronger ones. So, if you have only green ones, do not use the exp-stones on them. Save these exp-stones. It may take a wile for you to get the better talismans but once you have them you can gain more power of it.

    Just use pots/scrolls/tea and try to beat a boss every now and then. If you have beaten one, blitz it everyday untill you beat the next one and save everything you earn from that.


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      i have 23k matk in dragon form and i managed to take 50% of wolf's hp without pots/scrolls...maybe in this weekend i kill it


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        That is actually quite good with just 23k MATK.