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Schedule of events should be changed

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  • Schedule of events should be changed

    The schedule of events hasn't been thought well enough in my opinion. Many events are overlapping and the worst are eudos domain and outland contest.

    I understand the people working are taken in consideration and this is a good thing, however there is a huge gap between 14:00 and 18:00 when nothing is on. Surely this time could be exploited. As well as the 21:00 - 21:30 gap.

    I also regret the change which have been made, when an event could be chosen in the morning/afternoon or evening. I think it was good for everyone to find the time suiting them best but at least if missing one, we had the option of doing the event later.

    In my book also, getting rid of post grab would be a good thing and then increase crystals gain in outland contest, as this event is just unfair to many.

    As for hero trial, don't get me started... I think I could just strangle (figure of speech, i swear I wouldn't ...but...^^) the person thinking this was a good idea to look at ur toon running, most of the time alone, across a board.
    To me all those board mini games added as well as imperial war (even if a bit better because of the fights) have not much place in a mmo. Adding more of them, like this hero trial is just killing the spirit.
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    I hear you, Melanippe. And I agree with what you wrote. Especially, the time interval between 6 and 8 PM is jammed with so many things to do - arenas, Eudae Domain, the PacMan Hero Trial, the Outlands Post Grab, there is also Sylph Atoll and Gift Box, and I am sure that I have missed a few more. So, yes, Schedule of events should be changed.

    Ignis, R2, S8


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      I agree that too many things run at the same time, particularly in the 6-6:30 period, where there are at least 4 separate events going on most days.
      It would help if they shortened ED rounds to 5 minutes, then they could move it to 6:30, where at least it wouldn't conflict with CCW and BG.
      Hero trial is so staggeringly stupid I don't care when it's scheduled, but it's still dumb to assign it a time that conflicts with post grab and the last-chance arena.


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        the complaints are all valid.
        the problem with the game is that it isn't managed. If you look at the progression of the game, there has just been an influx of events.

        Part of the reality is that there is a hard level cap, most games by r2 are like this, crystal saga is one example.
        Since theres a hard cap, the only way to keep the game interesting is to put in tons of events.

        There is limited to no story related part of the game that is fun.
        Everything is on the premise of PVP, grinding, spending*, and repeating.

        The only way the game keeps going is the events, and non-stop pouring of them.
        Events overlap with group arena, world boss, imperial war, etc. '

        Basically Wartunes has just become a grinder game, you just need to pick and choose what events matter to you.
        The devs wont do anything, and things wont change for the most part.

        If you recall they surveyed players back before 2017 about gameplay and reducing time spent, but in turn they only added more events, and at a higher frequency rate.
        Such as replacing Titan War with Athena, and Class Wars with Ares, which made once a month x2 days event into weekly events.

        Its been clear there has been no game strategy for Wartunes any longer, except to distract the players with an influx of events, while hoping to keep a majority of them spending.