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    players ask to me really a lot if i've some accounts good to give them. wartune, when you start to give many br to who create a new account and do grow them fast? we are in old servers and players want new accounts but gifted and is horribly annoying see the accounts "stole" , only because the players grow too few, expecially who must start an account from 0 and who can play too few.

    we could have over the double of players in each server if do a new account or play too few , could grow well anyway. not all can play daily and all the time. there are who can play 30 minutes weekly or monthly. and are a lot.

  • Buuurman
    So what you are asking is that new accounts need to get some sort advantage to gain tons of exp just to level up faster?
    Since there are alot of cross-server battles in this game, don't you think that's a little unfair to the newer servers? At this point in time it is easy to grow very quick to get into CA. When one hits CA then he/she can ask strong players to help with rift-lords. This way you can hit 2.5mill BR in 2 weeks of playtime. And once you hit 2,5 mill BR it is easy to complete Catacombs and Tormented necropolis so you get a good amount of gems to socket into your gear.

    Since 2 months there came more options to grow very fast. We have 1 player in our guild who started from scratch, with our help he hit CA in 8 days and now he is 2.2 mill BR after 20 days. The biggest challenge is to get lvl70 gear in a fast rate but once you have that the growingrate is going up.

    I know that this game can be a grind (got 1 of my alts into KH) but with the help of others you can grow fast. Just make sure you do mpd's like DDL and MS with stronger players to get full rewards. The things that'll be hard to obtain is blood of zeus and skillbooks to level your eud. There aren't alot of ways to get plenty of it.

    I hope this helps a bit.

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