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Terrible loading in any part of the games

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  • Terrible loading in any part of the games

    Terrible loading, i cant play because of long loading in any part of this game. please fix I've been a week suffered from loading ...

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    only a week? ever since the patch update mine has take 10+ minutes to refresh, 15-20 minutes to load demon domain, 3-5 minutes to load mail, chat, PM box, fights are over before i load into them. The game is pretty much unplayable now. I have tried 6 different browsers, 2 different PC's, upgraded my internet to double the speed it was before, updated java, cleared cache, history, reinstalled flash, nothing works. It started with the last patch and has never gotten better.


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      yeah,the slow loading is a major issue right now.not sure
      what they did but they did a real fubar number on that's insane how long it takes to load anything in
      game now.and just like minerva2,i tried all those and
      it was no help at all.

      it is only the wartune game thats like this,everything else
      is good,i play LOTRO just fine,watch videos and visit any
      other site and it's just fine.wartune is the problem,you guys
      just jacked around with the code too much i'm sure.


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        Same here. Are we going to get at least an explanation on why things are like these on wartune servers? I play other R2 games but this is the only game that takes a very long time to load.


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          wondering what the loading lag is for free players
          compared to the cashers?any vip have this problem?


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            Originally posted by Arandeath View Post
            wondering what the loading lag is for free players
            compared to the cashers?any vip have this problem?
            The lag is the same. And it also depends on wich cluster you are playing. For instance, on S100 it is really hard to walk around in cloud city because the low fps. When playing on S645, walking around in Cloud City isn't a problem and it goes without a low fps. Some servers are more laggy than others strange enough. On S100 the loadingtimes of most things is much longer than on S645. I don't know the reason for that, the latency between client and server on both servers is the same (129ms) and i use the same browsers for both servers.

            The latest patch made it worse on all servers but the cluster where S100 sits in seems to take a harder hit.


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              so seven minutes to load the game from login screen,3 more minutes trying to get into your
              lame imp war.then i still had to refresh because it stopped and would not finish loading the

              what,the,hell guys?
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                17 mins to log in,to this,*** guys?


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                  Same issue , every where else I have no issues just here.
                  Laugh at those who are profoundly ignorant of things around them that are different . Makes you the better person, cause your always walking around with a smile that seems like you just got laid. And that is always better .