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Clothings Shards we want them back !!!

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    Meikura001 There is something slightly messy that you need to clean up. I know you hate the mod edits, so I look forward to you editing it yourself. I know you know what I'd be editing there. Also, do keep in mind that stars in the middle of sentences can produce some pretty unexpected results when translated to Chinese, especially if you keep the first letter of your starred words. All forwarded feedback to the devs is translated by R2 into Chinese before it gets sent to the devs, and I suspect a few at R2 still use a translator just to understand the English. We generally avoid direct forwards that might end up getting messy in the translators.

    wtfarmers I'm with you there. I have never clicked on Clothing Box. I get mad when I hit a Rider's Box that has a mount I already have (I'm new, there's literally 200 mounts it could give me, yet it still gives me the ones I have already), but at least you can recycle the duplicates and get something you don't have. I'd probably break something if I got a clothing item I already have.

    Of course, the removal of abundant clothing shards could also be the result of winding down on releasing new clothing sets. The sets haven't been dropping off the exchange list as quickly as a year ago. That's not going to stop me from pointing at threads like this every time I post a clothing exchange. It's not just me ranting and raving, the entire team jumps in and it becomes a bit of a mad house for about an hour. I'd feel bad if I thought R2 was doing everything they could in this situation.

    Though, maybe there's something else being planned for the future, as much as I dread a possibility of another patch. We will have to wait a bit to see how this pans out. Keep the fuel for the fire coming, though. You've all been pointing out some very fair points.
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      MemoryLane Thanks for allowing me to voice out my truest form of feedback. I went back and fixed/cleaned up my text after getting a restful sleep, so hoping all is okay at this point.
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        not wasting 4k bb for a cloth when its the same cloth time after time after time as a reward when 1 drops

        same as riders box same mount always well at least can recycle it for beast souls

        cant recycle clothing for clothing shards now cant we hahahhaa


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          MemoryLane Thank you ML, and thanks whoever that had helped in the matter. At the moment, we could only be patient. On the bright side, holding on extra materials might be a good thing for future events. I'm not giving up hope yet. Let's wait and see


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            memorylane doing a great job trying to help players as much as possible to bad we cant say the same of the dev's