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Attacking in Vortex without staying

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  • Attacking in Vortex without staying

    There is a toon on my server who attacks my position in vortex, wins, then vacates his position so I don't have opportunity to use revenge feature. This provides no benefit to attacking toon - just destroys my ability to collect chests - surely this wasn't intent of R2 when introducing the revenge feature - I don't mind being attacked so long as I can use revenge - wish R2 would remove ability of toon to attack and then immediately exit position in vortex

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    You are probably sitting in Immortal Pass fully clothed and people don't like that, because it is impossible to kill someone thats clothed there in the "Rift" and the rewards are minimal as opposed to having many people being able to attack you when you are in rift and you gain benefits of Rewards while on the post naked
    and also help out other players at the same time by doing so.

    but you know thats called Sharing......


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      Originally posted by Irwanwtn View Post
      because it is impossible to kill someone thats clothed there in the "Rift"
      That's incorrect - it is quite possible to kill people in the rift - I've killed several fully geared people in rifts - you just need a good team to do it (and the size of the people needed is related to the strength of the person in the rift, however that is significantly less then their br).