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Replacing an mia g m when all guild officers are mia

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  • Replacing an mia g m when all guild officers are mia

    S226 east wonderhill/gamerocks our guild master has had a stroke, no guild events for 5 days now, I know after 10 days a new g m can be elected but we have no active assistant g m's or guild officers, how do we elect a new g m? Our guild was destroyed by internal conflict over sandbagging in eud domain, most players returned to their old servers or moved to the new servers, also migration cost us players who did not register. Any help would be appreciated.
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    We are the only active guild on the server, so switching guilds is not an option.
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      You will get a message in the in game mail and all members will have to vote on a new gm.

      Guild Master has been offline for 7 days. If
      he/she does not login within the next 3 days, a guild
      election will be automatically triggered.

      1.Any Assistant Guild Master that has been offline no
      more than 3 days will be the automatic candidate.
      Otherwise, candidates lower in rank will be found.

      2.Players with guild contributions of at least 100 have
      voting rights. The election will last 3 days and the
      candidate with the most votes shall be declared the

      3.If, during the election, the Guild Master returns, then
      the power transfer will be cancelled.

      At day 10:
      Guild Election Notice

      Guild Master has been offline for 10 days and
      new candidates for guild master have emerged! Enter
      The guild panel and cast your vote today!

      1.Players with guild contribution of at least 100 may
      vote. Voting will be held for 3 days.

      2.May the current Guild Master bring glory upon this
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        Originally posted by R215564585 View Post
        also migration cost us players who did not register.
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          Turns out the g m never had a stroke instead moved to a new server and started another guild, but kept coming back to ours so we could not do guild events for 15 days, after server merge we fled in mass, you should avoid gamerocks server 227 east guild EaglesNest if he did it to us he will do it to you, Dutch aka DiamondDeuce aka Sawbuck is a real low life and not to be trusted ever
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