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another why o why

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  • another why o why

    lets play a game .. can u see the diffrences

    and best is the understaning of rarety by dev

    have them cheap first so all have them then make them more pricy as rarety decreases .. .. morons

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    Hey, in my memory the price all loose clothingpieces was 30 event-items. I hope this doesn't mean that in the future, the price is set on 40. Nerfing wasn't enough, we see that prices are going up.


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      2 weeks on same items now instead of 1 week. so the pirce could be 60 now. insted it is 40. not that bad really...
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        Must have been a mistake and hopefully they revert it back to 30 per piece. I see no reason to increase its price.


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          think u mis the point that the clothing items are/were in 3 locations .. 2 events with diffrent price and in lucky exchange also for 30 (thou luck factor in lucky) u might get 3 set items for only 30 best case ..

          only lets on think why o why .. as it shows the event monkey not know what the event monkey did before .. then again we can blame monkeys their known to have inverior mental capacities .. shown in their misunderstanding of maket working of rare and abundant items .. as many times before in this game

          Originally posted by Gimmikc View Post
          2 weeks on same items now instead of 1 week. so the pirce could be 60 now. insted it is 40. not that bad really...
          .. ur a monkey too with this math .. time available increased logic demands price same or lower as less rare itemvalue by
          he increased availablility ..

          Originally posted by Kalaripayattu View Post
          Must have been a mistake and hopefully they revert it back to 30 per piece. I see no reason to increase its price.
          doubt it will revert or get any form of compensation for the extra cost they put on them .. its wartune .. they dont care, cant fix, mess up something on every turn or step, and then try to distract u with a messup thats even worse
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            That is borderline offensive.

            I get that you don't agree with how they priced out the set for that exchange, and I understand what you are pointing out in the first post, but I fail to see the correlation between you not agreeing with a change in a game and someone's mental capacity.
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              That's how some players roll nowerdays. Instead of thinking by themselves they start to call other players stupid or whiner (or monkey in this case). Say something about that and the first answer you get is "i don't care". Maybe i am oldfashion and try to open dialog with others but that often leads to nothing.


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                thats demo for you thou, been like it ingame too sinse the begining. so no news there
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                Kabam -67 Knight
                Non casher and proud of it.


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                  calling a human monkey aint offensive .. just look at the evolution of our (including myself) mutated monkey race ..
                  edit: agree that morons in first post was offensive towards the few maybe

                  i dont care bout the in game price (in this case) as this monkey got them way way before it happend 3 for only 60 ( 2 in 1 lucky ) and 3rd for 30 as chance o low to gamble again on the missing in lucky

                  i care thou about the mental capacities .. that this price change show the dev monkey lack .. should try mutate them with maybe a course in economics 1 on 1 to help them .. by a professional degreed mutant monkey
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                    As long as we're passing bananas out (monkey-dom), might as well make mine a banana split.

                    Stuff like this is pretty much the reason why I do not do events anymore. Players are used to a certain price being made, and will only reciprocate when they get more benefit than liability; not when things are being taken out and the price increases for said items that the player could not get as a result.
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                      The point of reconsidering the price now that events run twice as long is that you will get substantially more of each event item, so raising the prices on the unique items isn't too unreasonable. The fact that clothes are so easy to get from lucky exchange has always meant that doing a straight exchange is kind of foolish, so that hasn't changed anything.

                      The only good reason to trade 30 or 40 items for a clothing piece is if your luck is terrible and you haven't gotten a particular one from the random exchange, in which case it's quite rare (for you), and charging a premium is perfectly sensible.

                      Setting the price low to start and then raising it is more like a reflection of the inflation of running events longer, so it's really not a crazy or stupid thing to do. Bound to annoy players, though, so I'm not going to claim it's a good idea.


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                        hmm the extended events .. thats just lazyness on monkey part ( they have hard time thinking up new stuff so they give same **** for longer ) idk why this should be a reason to price increase .. u get same amount respectifly .. only now its just 1 set instead of 2 sets ( droprate on chest not increased nor decreased) ..
                        noted u already lose br .. as now u have to wait longer for new clothing set .. this would get worse if they also increase price

                        and why noone gets the why o why

                        its not about the price .. but about the *30* event (one place) *30* first week (second place) .. and the stupidity *40* second week(third place)
                        let it being noted that 2 days u could choose all 3 places named above to get them .. sure make a option to waste 10 event items ..
                        what they think .. players are stupid .. or we dont know ..
                        devs mind : lets do some random number for the item for we dont know or look or care or .. arg .. morons
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                          demoniced .... think you [removed] ....... [removed] we are not a Monkey Evolution " you [removed] you are ........
                          Last edited by MemoryLane; 02-01-2018, 07:22 PM.


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                            right fifaboss .. i rather be a evolving monkey .. then a made up fictional god/devil ..