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    Originally posted by The_Great_One View Post
    They should do something similar what i said already, they should make some kind of balance between payers and non-payers, as you said without payers the game wouldnt exist, but without non-payers with who would you play the game.
    So yeah it should be balanced out.
    balancing it the way you are saying though would make it so that people that do balen stop paying. if i could get stuff for free by just putting in more effort instead of paying for it i sure as hell would!


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      Yeah you are all right and the thread is not pointless cause now the free players dont have a chance and the balenors mostly dont have time i hope you understand what i say, with my suggestion some of free players gonna have more chance.


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        There's free balens from offers, for those concerned about balens. The thing is, I'm doing just fine with leveling as a non-paying player. I'm getting a level a day, if not 2-3 some days. The higher it gets, the harder, sure, but it's fun. To me at least. I'd rather level slower than power through everything.


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          actually,for me,this game is such a fun so don't make it seriously if you don't want to spend money..
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            You should either pay like hell or play like hell.
            Here you can do both and are still a mere average if you are not a walking bank.
            But things started to change month ago, so lets see ;-) Have a patience