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Change to Astrals id like to see!

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  • Change to Astrals id like to see!

    Hi, ive been a long time player back when 20-50K BR was alot. the old old days.

    Anyway this is about astrals and lvling them and how to get ur money through, now ive never spent money on here honestly and so ive never had VIP. wich is fine to me. but the thing about astrals even tho i dont have them all maxxed yet wich i could have if i played fully enough. i pretty much myself see the problem of astral lvling being fairly undoable if ur not atleast VIP4. reason being you have to click through billions of cash on ur own by hand. this is just too much to go through 2bill cash youd have to click the 4k astral atleast 500k times. now that is abit ridiculous. and since red astrals need a fair bit of exp in them you do need to spend alot of money on this. wich nowadays isnt bad since its fairly easy to get money, but the problem being spending it in astrals. i kinda want to see the change to astrals made to where you do not need VIP4 to fast spend ur money on astrals. i want to see that without VIP it being able aswell. that way even new players would be able to somewhat better go through astrals. it kinda in a point now where for Non-VIP its not worth doing it would take too much time to go through,

    but let me hear what you all think if im right or wrong and wether or not this function should be edited.

    yours truly,


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    download a mouse clicker, and let it run while u sleep with plenty of gold .. (and yeah they did not like that tip (that was in forum way back when) and say its cheating but thats that their oppinion .. if u click it or a program does is one and the same ) .. easy as is in couple hours u have 1 red maxed .. after when u upgrade ur reds its quite easy