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Best Players leaving server because of Cheats S[78]

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  • Best Players leaving server because of Cheats S[78]

    Please solve the astral cheating issue.. Best of the players from guild (No:1 guild in server "Titans") have left the server and it is becoming so boring to play..
    Gets irritated when people of so much low level beat us in arena, World Boss and Duels just because of astral cheats.
    More and more players comes with astral cheat everyday. Please at least ban those accounts..
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    did u try to ask a veteran?


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      Yo thread starter, I believe Wartune is solving this problem, even if it is not solved right now, it will be solved eventually, even if it is not solved eventually, after some time, things will solve itself.

      Anyway pls file some screenshots of World boss rankings and the respective astrals of those suspects and they will inspect those accounts.
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        soon many ppl gonna leave this game, if GM dont do anything bout cheater...


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          If you want them to take action, file a ticket with screenshots.
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