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Rotation of the same Gear Clothing !!!

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  • Rotation of the same Gear Clothing !!!

    From about one month and Half we got same Rotation of the same Clothing Set ....... but i dont know why .... i saw they got 4 or more Gear Including New Sets of Clothing now ...... i just thinking that Rotaion will go off , beacause they did other New Clothing Stuff ....... i see 3 around of 4 with the " Winter Fling " was before ............. please tell the GM's to take of this Rotation ...... i think is borring and bring headache . we dont need this .......... Thank you for understand !!!
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    Two words, no way. With R2 and 7Road/ProCity taking out the staple that is the clothing shards, getting a rotation at the quickest will frustrate players more as they won't be able to get the needed titles.

    If you want the rotation to move faster, tell them to put the shards back in circulation.
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