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P2W game of the year!

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  • P2W game of the year!

    R2games, here's an idea that won't end in failure, make wartune and most of your games focus on balance rather than predatory gain. Cashers should have no more advantage over free players unless your just that greedy. Change the way you approach microtransactions to be cosmetic only, not to put everyone in a position where they can't win against a paying player.

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    why .. they paying pll can be easy beaten in many a part of the game .. says me a totally freebe ..

    if u cant play nor pay .. this game aint for u

    look at urself not at others that need the pay cause cant play option game has
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      Originally posted by demoniced View Post
      if u cant play nor pay .. this game aint for u
      Hmph! Guess the game is not for me since it doesn't like my high speed connection on its dialup servers, LOL.
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