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whats the point

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  • whats the point

    why should we even bother to do hot events for the primair event items (rings in this case) ???????

    they only put rings to exchange for prehistoric cr.ap (that even free players like me) maxed ages ago
    the less prehistoric stuff they hidden in exchange for secondairy event items (and those u can get only a few (luck in drops, few sec events, caped in exchange)

    situation : rings useless after u get ur clothing (1 day +- ) and u run out of exchange to lesser event item (to get usefull stuff) !!!!!!!

    whats the point having 999+ rings at end of eventcycle to trash in lucky exchanges for some same clothes (ages after ages) and more useless stuff ???????
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    maybe because that is how it is you have dragonchant who is added in the exchange too