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    I know there have been many topics about this and they all say it's about who does the most damage wins the fight but I don't see how that can be the case. Doing Athena, we fought another married couple, after we killed both of them once, we killed one of them a second time. So now it's just one of them standing. At this point, I only died once and my spouse hasn't died any. I threw a skill that killed him, he feel to the floor so I thought we won, both were showing dead on the floor. Me and my spouse was both full health. Look in chat and says we lost. Didn't bother to take a screenshot because I thought we won. Neither of us had a sea witch or a Frigga, I did use a heal rune once, I didn't use star and crescent to heal, I didn't use holy seal any. My spouse never did die once.

    Explain how they did more damage than us. They were both dead on the floor, both of us full health and we lose, how is that possible? And even if the one guy had HP left when it went to timer, he had such little HP left, you could barely see it.
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    ive had this a few times myself still standing no deaths no revives from spouce enemy all dead but still lost the battle r2 machanics needs looking into


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      Unfortunately it is because of your euds or willpowers.... If they had been killed by, for example, getting hit for 50m damage each (quite possible), that damage counts against you in the tally to work out who won. In all likelihood, that tally was made in the millisecond before you saw the opponents dead on the floor - so it was determined that they did more damage than you did and so won the fight. To avoid this almost all the time, play these sort of timed fights without your euds/willpowers.
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