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[Sky Trail] Weird skill-rotation.

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  • [Sky Trail] Weird skill-rotation.

    I couldn't record this one but the following happened.

    I encountered a toon in the possession-section wich used 3 guardian-runes in a row. The other problem i encountered was that everytime i launched an attack, the opponent launched 3. But the one wich used 3 guardian-runes in a row was the weirdest one. Not only was it hard to defeat him, the runes did stack so it was nearly impossible to do damage to it, had to wait till the effect was gone. After that the problem with the attack-launches kept happening and for some reason this toon kept healing to full altho it's wich was dead.

    I don't post this in the bug-section of the forum since this is the first time i see this. Am i the only one or are there more players who encountered these weird things?

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    wonder what r2 will say about that


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      You sure it was triple ? I mean sometimes the icons flash even if the skill isn't actually casted. Double runes I have witnessed in sky trail when opponent has arcane power titan at "lucky" spot.


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        Yeah, it's called lag from the server side. It's no surprise since most PVP will have the other side hitting up 2 or more moves before you can hit yours.
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