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thay beedv to fix the syr trils now

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  • thay beedv to fix the syr trils now

    it is not funny any more i am gitting feed up with this bulling **** it needs to stop i cant even stuff i need in there there is to much bulling in sky trils i git a post and 1 mint r2 game servres think thay are god the hell no thay arnt
    Last edited by viper.loves1984; 03-14-2018, 08:42 PM.

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    While I sympathize with your point of view, to be frank the game is WARtune. Fighting is part of the game.It is not bullying. Get stronger then try these areas of the game. Quit whining.
    Ingame name: Enelya
    Server: EST, R2games
    Servername: S50 HereAfter
    Servers merged with: S9, S15, S39, S50, S52
    Toon: Archer
    Guild: Deadly Sins (DS)


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      r2 games serves are builly in them self lil punk that u are