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game needs to be balanced out for all people.

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  • game needs to be balanced out for all people.

    I think that there should be another battle ground 12 hours apart from the other as only having 1 battle ground time is no good. The current time is
    set for 21:00 -21:55 this is about 5am - 6am in the morning so as you can guess I like many other people will not be able to join the battle
    ground. So the game need this to be balanced out for all people just like fighting the world bosses.

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    I play on the "wrong time zone" too. It's too late for me to switch. So I usually miss all world bosses.

    My advice for you is that: If you're still below level 40, it's not too late to switch to a server that is in your time zone.
    Otherwise, I guess you have to try ways to play....
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      We appreciate you for giving a suggestion to improve the game features. For now we advise you to please wait for any further developments regarding on your concern. Thank you.