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tradeing system from players to players

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    Originally posted by wartunejf View Post

    LOL. First I understand both reasons why trading system should and should not be allowed. However, to say the main concern is due to fraud and bots? Please that's the least of the concerns for r2games. The main reason why this was taken out out of the game is greed. Please at least admit the true reason why this was taken out of the game. R2games wants to make the most money they can from there biggest game here so they took out any possible ways to get real currency for free. Hence no auction house or in game trading systems. This will cause the company to lose some money and r2games does not want to lose any money. It is hardly about fraud or bots that's just the excuse they like to give. Anyways I personally do not see a big issue in having a trading system. Auction house I don't think should be implemented unless it was a gold auction house or something like that. Auction house involving real money can really hurt the game and players. Look at what Diablo 3 real money auction house has done when it was implemented in there game.

    A trading system would be a great thing for all players imo. If you're concerns are about alts then make limitations on it before you can use the trading. i.e. Need to wait 2 weeks of starting a brand new character/account in order to trade and need to be lvl 80. This will deter most players to "waste" time on creating multiple accounts and having to wait a few weeks on each on of them to use them. Sure this won't stop everyone but it will stop majority of players from doing this. Not many people are going to waste time grinding new characters to lvl 80 and waiting 2 weeks in order to trade there toons. If you're concerned about old alt accounts that are already made from the past then don't allow those to trade between alts. Only brand new accounts should be allowed to trade. If no player to player trade is implemented then at least having a true guild vault or some storage feature implemented so you are able to give items between your other characters would also be a great idea. If a hard casher already cashed before those items then they should be allowed to give those items to any of there alts if they wish to. They already paid for them anyway right? Again this brings back to the original reason why this kind of stuff is not implemented. It isn't about player concerns, drama issues, or fraudlant charges. It's about greed of the company and the very big cashers who are afraid to lose something out of it.
    look at world of warcraft i like there tradeing system


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      for one spelling had nothingto do with it you miss understood my post I ment person to person pass not sale such as balens or gold and as for memory just cause she a mod does not mean shes in good taste and you need to treat me with respect your not a teacher in a class so please respect me like you would anyone else thank you


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        trading and auction house has been posted many times over the 5 years ive been ere and it will not be placed due to the fact ppl will abuse it so much with their alts


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          I think there must be at least class advencement requirements to joining auction system to preventing boosting or abusing if there would be that system. Because this is only way to getting free balens


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            Originally posted by Ivselllnibe View Post
            I think there must be at least class advencement requirements to joining auction system to preventing boosting or abusing if there would be that system. Because this is only way to getting free balens
            nope a lot of ppl ave alts over 5 on some accounts it will just cause grief , and ppl abusing this sytem so r2 wont allow it


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              I will read back everyone's statements when I am docked at my destination. However, before I launch out, I will put a prime example on why trading between players shall not be permitted (you can blame those that spoil it for the rest of us through life):

              Before I made the flash game scene, I had played two other games that are client (real program based, mind any developer is reading this; not some VB-Int that uses a browser shell) based. In one of those games (made by Chinese developers; yeah, they are smart in making the best games, but tend to mess it up a few sequels, er updates, down the road), there was a person-to-person trading system in place. I can't go to tell you that in the course of a day, I would get like 30-45 messages on world stating a player has been scammed by another all due to trades gone bad; I never got scammed as I require payment or a suitable trade (item to item, for an example) to be placed before I hit the TRADE button and I would roast the person who is trying their luck with me for the world to see (and yeah, I get really dirty; you never want to hear what a "somewhat" old man would say; then again, the "pokey" is not that bad compared to the emotional scar I would give someone for trying their luck). Too many players are gullible, but also too many players (scammers) are crafty.

              Your intent for having such is admirable; I'll give you that. However, this debate has gone a long time (believe me, I had also made such a suggestion in my early years). After reviewing the pros/cons of such and based on experiences, I am kind of glad they didn't; yes, I have alts (three teams of 4 to be exact within the same server cluster) but if this was in place, I am not going to trade things between them to be unfair towards other players that play with one account and worked hard in getting to where they are at.

              Now, you placed this post/thread for the world to see and comment. I think everyone (including the moderators) have the very same rights in making their posts/feedback known. I have been away (as you can tell between posts) for some time, so I will apologize for not making a "rapid" response to your earlier postings when they became available. Telling people that they shouldn't is a wrong move. Think about that.

              Also, I will side with Memory on this as to say it's a multi-national forum site. I can try to understand on what people are trying to say/write; and if I have an inquiry, I would go and ask my intended target (er, person) to clarify.

              Be good to one another. Thar winds a blowin' and I gots to take off.
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