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The Adventures of Ralph and George.

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  • The Adventures of Ralph and George.

    As the title reads, it contains to the game that we all love and enjoy and sometimes hate. So please don't post anything here that isn't related. George and Ralph are two fish in the sea, George isn't too bright and has a mental challenges, loves to ask all sorts of questions and some of them don't even make any sense. Ralph is his buddy who protects George from others and or himself from harming himself or getting into harms way without paying much attention to his surroundings. The first Story goes as the Rift Continues......

    George is swimming around and suddenly comes up to a blue circle like thing in the water, it looked like a whirlpool but it was standing straight up, blue in colour. George looks over at Ralph and asked. "What is that?" Ralph was like "what's what?" looking over at George. George says, " This blue thing. It looks like its sucking unwanted items into it and not coming out the other side. Ralph I'm scared. I don't know what It is.

    Ralph shaking his head and then grins over at him. "My dear friend, that is a time warp. There is a Boss inside that time warp that you're suppose to gather a group and kill whatever is inside there. " George was like arching a brow and looking at the blue thing. " So, what you're saying that its a rift, something that cuts open through time and space? " Ralph was like shaking his head slightly up and down as if he was saying yea. " Yea, that's about right actually. So, we should go and find some friends and go have some fun, eh? "George smiled at him and nods. "Oh wait, but.. Is this the place where I hear people say you're not naked dumb *** before taking a Rift you should get naked. Why? I'm confused. " Ralph laughs and shook his head again and said.

    Out of due respect people like to get naked to make it easier for you to kill them so you can get some prizes to help out your character. But, as you said. Some folks lack respect towards each other and hog up the Rift and make it three times harder than it usually is, and when that happens, George. The one in the rift gain's experience. George was like Ohhh, Ok. I get it now.. Lets go find some friends and pray that someone is naked and we kill the boss to get some pressies. I like pressies, George said.

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    Another night on the town George and Ralph were looking for something to do till they come upon this guy who is in control of the Sky trials. Hey Ralph, said George in a questionably; manner. "Lets do this one. " Ralph looked over at him with an arched brow which was rather thick and unkempt for a fish. "Why on earth would you want to do that, Ralph said. " Well, it looks fun. I hear you can get items for your Dragonchant. "Yes, well that is true. But, none the less, there are rude players in that section that I'd rather avoid. " George canted his head slightly at Ralph. "Why are they so rude?" He asked. "Well, for starters people are too impatient to wait for others to be done so they decide to take it upon themselves to finish it for them and make them lose their hourly prize. It happens all the time. Kids as well adults have no respect for each other in this game. Or any other game for that matter. "Ralph replied. George shook his head and sighed some. "Well, I'm going to try it rather you like it or not. " Ralph laughs. " Be my guest, but don't come crying to me when someone bigger then you takes a chunk out of your behind. " said with a slight chuckle.

    "Well, I'm not that way Ralph. Gesus. I thought you knew me better than that? I mean come on. When was the last time I was moaning cause some dude with a bigger axe decide to come along and chop my left wing off or poke me in the eye with a fish hook or something else?" Ralph shook his head again and laughed. " You are so Nivea George. really, it was just last night you was complaining you had a hook in your mouth and couldn't get it out because of the rude fisherman who tried to catch you decided to be a jerk. " Well, that's besides the point Ralph. Gee wiz. Fine, have it your way I won't go and do trail possessions as always you always have the final word in what I do and how I do it and won't let me learn from experience. " George cried and turned a fin and swam off. "

    "Have it your way George. Do whatever you like... But don't come crying to papa because I wont be around when you do. " While George was off pretending to be swimming elsewhere, he waited for Ralph to snag one of the Posts off the possession Trails and waited, and waited and waited......... and just about two seconds before his time was up. George beat the snot out of Ralph and took his spot. George laughed the whole time and took his space. " Teach him to talk down at me. " He grunts. "Ralph on the other hand glares at George and slowly approaches him with a hook in hand. He had that raging glare in his eyes as well.


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      Love this its very creative.
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        Originally posted by darkwolf3307 View Post
        Love this its very creative.
        thanks, I'll be writing more each day.


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          Tonight George and Ralph were excited bout the new Event and sadly was shot down to the lack of there of." Ralph, why do we have the same event every three days? "Say's George. "Inquiries want to know. "He said with a slight smirk on his face. Ralph was like, you're not going anywhere with this, this is like talking to a bull. And there is a lot of that going around too. Ralph said with a slight chuckle. "Well, we just had the mount training last week along with the rest of the jive.. including clothing the other day... What about Eudeamon Event such as their Gems, and Skills and among other things dealing with them. "George replied with Ralph's statement. " Ralph said softly to George, " Because they have no clue to what they are doing,

          Either they are purposely missing the event that is in question or perhaps the Development Management haven't got the idea of what is missing or not because neither of them play in the game. " Ralph smirked as well and glanced down at his fin, and polishes it off with a piece of seaweed. "So, Why are they even in Development department if they can't clearly see what bugs are needed other than the voices of the players and not everyone mentions anything because not everyone even reads the forums". George questioned, Ralph. Good question George. I'm not the one to answer that one. Perhaps Memory-Lane can or that she already mentioned it somewhere on the forums. You know me George my mind is not all here. I grow old and I do forget. Hell, I'd forget where i put my head if it wasn't attached.

          " George laughed at Ralph's silly comment. " So, neither of us don't know when its going to happen? So, now we're just stuck with last week's trash so to speak. " That bout sums it up George. By George, I think you've been reading some of the pages here on the forums haven't you? Or maybe you finally grew some brains. Oh, just hold on a moment, you haven't been eating any fish have you? Ralph asked. George looked over at Ralph. Do you think I would eat my own family? What the Gaia's name did you come up with a solution to assume such an idea? " George glared at Ralph and then turns to swim off. Oh, Ralph had the gall to say such none sense to me?? eating my own family? " George mumbles more to himself.

          Ralph, called out to George, but no answer coming from him, Ralph sighed. Well, there I go again putting my fin in my mouth and coming out my torso, what next Ralph? He questioned himself and sighed more and decided to go fishing.


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            "Hey George guess what!?" Ralph yelled. George looked over at Ralph with a questionable look on his face and asked. " What the hell is all the yelling going on around here.. Is the Sky falling?" George shook his head slightly while Ralph made his way over to his buddy and slapped him upside the head. " No you dork. " We got Eudeamon Leveling.. Isn't that what you wanted? " Oh, and We got clothing stuff again too imagine that. We just had that two maybe three days ago. Ralph paused a moment and looked over at the Moderators and the Dev's. " What the hell guys? Come on stop teasing us with this same old stuff every other day.. I want my Eudeamon Diamond Event!!! Ralph cried out. "George looked at Ralph, serves you right for slapping me upside the head.

            You need to learn to have some Patience. Perhaps they are too busy to even care what we want but what they assume is best for the game. Or maybe its the Jerks that pay so much cash into the game. Heck I heard one time some dude was paying 5k of real cash into this game. Damn, wished I had that money I'd be doing something else rather than playing here. Or spending it on this game. Seriously, what's that dude smoking? I want some. " George laughed and looked at Ralph. " Don't worry bud, I'm sure when hell freezes over we'll get our Eudeamon Diamond Leveling up. Oh, wait. It has frozen over three times fold. " George sighed and then went off to tease a shark or two maybe three.


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              you spend way too much time on here


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                "Hey George?" Ralph questioned his buddy. You hear about that new patch that came out? " George looked over at him with a grin on his face, that was so wide it would make Mona jealous. "Ralph arched a brow slightly. " With that smile I take that as a yes. So, how do you like it? ' Well, Ralph I absolutely love it. I loved how they finally organized the areas with NPC's which also saves room on the front end less lag with the constant rotating of the Icons. Gosh, I hate that. Seriously. Oh, and the New World Boss Oh my Gosh, I can finally get in and actually hit it before someone else comes along and beats the snot out of it and kills it before I can even reach the damn thing. Thanks R2, you did something right.

                " George winks at the Dev's and looked over at Ralph. " So, now that you asked me that question how do you like it? " I'm not sure yet, I really haven't had the chance to explore everything but I will get back with you on that subject. " Ralph said. George gave a slight nod. " I heard some folks don't like the new patch but didn't give any detail on what they didn't like. "George said in a slight hushed toned and glanced over at the intruder who said something rather rude and shook his head.

                "Guess folks don't know how to read eh, Ralph? " Ralph laughed and shook his head. " You know someone has to complain bout something or another. I mean come on. We're here to make things more entertaining then boring down right, Why this why that.. But then again George can't make everyone happy. " George nods and smiles. "That is so true Ralph. People get their panties up in a bunch at small little things like this guy snarf. Unsure why he had to make a comment like that. My mother always told me, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, Wise woman she was. George said and then goes back to swimming around looking for something else to get into trouble with. After all he isn't too smart either.


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                  This is getting good. Can't wait for the sequel that features two more: Earl and Carl.
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                    lol sorry I haven't posted in a while on this, give me a day or two i'll find something else.. for them to bicker back and forth.