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  • An Improvement

    Character: Brotos
    SERVER : S31 Demonic Crypt

    i've just got an idea, it's not bad so i thought of posting it.
    well, due to that the game some how is limited , i mean you only have your 3 MP , 1 Catacomb and 5 Campaign aday.
    so i thought you might make an Open Area , which contains mobs to kill just for EXP, not for Drops or something . and devide it to areas according to level , no teams, just you go there when ever you like keep killing mobs and gain EXP , or maybe you can enter it with gold ,,

    and right there i got another idea, you can make a Player Kill (PK) system killing players , giving perhabs Guild Contribution , Honor or maybe PK Points . it was just an idea i thought of, if it's ok i hope you make it, but if not, it's no problem we keep playing Wartune
    i just hope who read this just comment and tell me his mind about that, i'll preciate it .

    Good Luck Wartune Staff ^^

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    + 1 a simple grind would be good, something to do inbetween events.


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      would be good, for moving away Boredom