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spending balens

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  • spending balens

    I want to ask about the best way to spend balens, because I spent a large amount to no avail and how much quantity required to make you one of the strongest players

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    Probably hundreds of thousands of dollars is needed; and some of these folks spent it on event based stuff like new clothing items and mounts to get stronger; possibly for tasks... I don't know for I am no fool.
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      thats the rub isnt it. you can spend thousands for absolutely nothing helpfull. other games do not require that you spend $300 to up a what avail? when i'm donbe with the game please mail me my toon.....i think i've paid for it


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        the best way is dont spend...wait til they get the message that this **** is intolerable


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          cant say c r a p, damn phony holy rollers