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An Improvement for Chat System

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  • An Improvement for Chat System

    Char : Brotos
    Server : S31 Demonic Crypt

    Hello , Wartuners and Staff ...
    due to that the Chatting System is very important in any games, i think you should make alittle more stuff, Like : try adding symbols maybe that Monkies, they are Very Very Nice or perhabs these Faces like this one ( ) or try any Animal faces, that's for 1st,
    Then Try to make the players able to " PM " in the Chat box down left the screen , make a small space for the target name , then the you can write in the one which excists now , i hope you get it ,,

    the second idea isn't that much important, i just hope you can make thes faces , Cuz sometimes we need them really to express somthing we cant say by writting
    Thank you and Good Luck

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    it probably will come with balens only. yea i wouldnt mind a pm/whisper thing for in the chat box instead of opening new box.


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      You can express smilies without the actual pictures. I'm indifferent to smilies. My only issue is how it is tedious having to open a whole new window that takes up a large part of the screen to chat privately. Also the notification that you have a new message goes off when something is said in guild chat so a lot of people don't notice they get a pm.


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        so , that's an agree ?