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maintenance compensation

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  • maintenance compensation

    can r2 mods or support ask devs can we ave pennents placed in compo as it is when inside sky trail for a set amount of time and when maintenance activates it boots every one from sky trail procession

    example: inside for 55 mins and the 1hr reward activates in 5 mins maintenance activates and kicks player out of sky trail and player gets nothing

    abit of respect from devs would be gratefull if they added some pennents inside the compensation for maintenance

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    come on maintenance every week is same as passed 3 years

    1,000,000 Gold
    1,000,000 Daru
    Extreme Stamina Potion x1
    Lvl. 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x1
    Double Honor Scroll x1
    Adv. Mahra x20
    Adv. Sepulcrum x20

    come on ppl we need this changed


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      can r2 mods or support ask devs .. to fix the buggs they gathered in forum and then do a maint .. (fix as in accually solved) .. then we wouldnt need another maint untill we found few pages of new buggs they can break their legs on in next few months .. and we wouldnt complain about the silly (useless) compensation .. that we are getting every few days now with the lets flip powerswitch to save some electric bill maint they do weekly
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