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    Well on this toon i watched from day 1 as I could only get items that belong to a Mage, ( i'm a knight) i wondered when i got to DC if the same would continue..... and it did. I got all talismans that are befitting a Mage, not a Knight. I suppose if I had went mage I would have gotten all knight stuff. What have you done to this game?? I no longer find myself looking forward to signing on anymore. If you would find as many ways to improve...without grabbing for cash it would be better. I probably wont suffer thru another server, i'll find a new game that is geared toward fairness.
    To bad...i used to like this game too.....

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    that's the game I'm a archer and I got matk talismans from chests just engulf them to making ur talisman stronger even mages get the patk talismans


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      Thats the game??? I can see u werent around for early games. Clinging to status quo is not the way to go...oh gee...thats the game. change it, make your money heard.. if no one wanted things better we would still be rubbing sticks together for fire..