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Mount Shop Problem

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    2months no mount sigh


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      Oh could have been easy by zeroing in on the words "Already Owned" that is in red each time we take a look and taking a few of those out of circulation to put forth the fresh ones that we might not have. It's the simplest thing I can offer to the table when it comes to querying and generating information.

      Say for instance, I want to take out 5 "Already Owned" mounts from the shop at random (viable enough, right?) to put forth the new ones that I do not own as of yet that I can purchase if I want, this code will search for 5 random "Already Owned" mounts and remove them from the list; there will be other "Already Owned" mounts on the list so it won't look like it cleared all (even though it would be nice) to repopulate with new ones a person hasn't owned yet. This code should kick in at reset for the mount refresh.

      To put it bluntly, none of us want to spend for balens and get the shaft when we hit that refresh button for the mount shop. This game, the promoter (R2 Games), and developer (ProCity/7Road) are not exactly on our good sides.
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        Do basic dims only first lvl for mine's build up the bound balens and gamble on the riders chest it will drop mounts and if ya not over 75% of available mounts pretty often ya gain at least 1 you do not have yet
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          riders box 9 out of 10 times just low mounts worth 80 ** recycle such a waste of balens