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  • treasure inventory

    cant they change this over payed space so that dim's ,broken space shards, eud crystal's , and maybe the upgrade stuff for the relics that they move to there? payed enough and have 3 pages left what cant be filled

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    Hmm, thats good idea. At least let Lord's trial crystals and maybe soul crystals and other "shiny" items go there. Sure they cant have all go there since need to have some reason for rent inventory pages but could add bunch of treasure worthy items


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      Would love to be able to add more things to the treasure inventory. Also they can change how some other things are stored like dims. Make dims be stored in it's own inventory kind of like it already is, just don't have them stored in both places. Same with farm plants, just keep them in their own storage in the farm. I am sure there are other items the same can be done to


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        just time that they do that as they give us so much stuff would like to have that stuff moved to treasure inventory to make some space in normal inventory


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          the new items for the new stuff R2 gives us why dun they send it to treasure inventory? running out of bag space while i have 3 pages empty in treasure inventory


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            hello ppl from R2, its nice you guys putting new items in the game

            but why we can t put more stuff in our treasure bags ???

            5 freaking pages and only 2 in use cus more you wont allow us to put in there

            so I kindly ask you again to let us put more stuff in those pages

            greetings Evel
            Let the Darkside influence you


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              They should either move some items to treasure inventory (will crystal, crystal shard, lords trial crystals, dim, the new perfume stuff or so) OR they should remove the caps for 999 items (war remains, fusion chi, other event items) and for 9999 (mahra, sep, sc and so on), cause only 1 item fusion spirit shard I believe it was can now be 10k.


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                I forwarded the concerns with inventory space. The proposed solutions I included were tagging more items as 'treasure' so they can go to the treasure inventory, removing items that have inventories elsewhere, such as clothing, dimensions, seeds, etc, having more upgrade type resources be added to the Profile, and adding more pages to guild vault and/or the backpack.

                And now we wait.
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                  thank you MemoryLane

                  please let us know how and what they respond back
                  Let the Darkside influence you


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                    IMO, the BIGGEST waste of space is the relics. We run Broken Space and receive 3 different chests that hold the same damn thing, just different quantities. Open them up and we need 12(!!!!) spaces to hold SHARDS. We then have to spend 10k of our gold to blacksmith them into relics that don't stack and we have to click on each one to make into 10 cast stones. This was the most TEDIOUS, space-consuming, and purely ridiculous idea they ever came up with!!!!! I've barely got any room in my bag, so my shards are just stacking up because I'll be damned if I waste that much time blacksmithing them all, opening my bag to double-click on each one, close bag and open mail to retrieve the overflow (which will be several dozen pages), just to go back to my bag and double-click them. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the chat announcement of EACH relic blacksmithed, no matter if you do them in bulk or not, flooding that irritates the whole server, especially those players TRYING to do speed!!! Just give us the damn cast stones and be done with it !!!


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                      when the dev's gonna move some more stuff to this inventory? as they keep throwing new stuff that we need to save and we have allready no room