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GDPR Licence Pop Up Menu

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  • BarataYuda
    started a topic GDPR Licence Pop Up Menu

    GDPR Licence Pop Up Menu

    When I login to my R2 account today, I got a pop up menu. It's a GDPR Licence.

    GDPR is General Data Protection Regulation in EU. So basicly it's a law for european countries.

    So, should I accept this pop up menu or not?

    The reason I ask because :
    1. I live in Asia, playing on Oceanic Server and I'm not citizen of any EU country.
    2. To my knowledge, R2 is not EU based company, although Wartune has european servers and european players.
    3. GDPR is an EU regulation, so logically it only applies to EU countries and its citizen. Basicly this is between R2 company and EU.

    Can someone in R2 give some enlightenment with this?

  • MemoryLane
    It's just the privacy policy, which has been rewritten to be GDPR compliant, and it applies to everyone, whether in the EU or not. The rights given by GDPR itself only apply to the EU.

    If you have any further questions about GDPR, you need to contact R2 by sending in a ticket to

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