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Some new ideas to consider for next patch!

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  • Some new ideas to consider for next patch!

    Bring back refinement crystals for artifact and halidom.
    Create an event where you can sell and trade items for balens.
    Replace instant kill skill from world boss with rage skill which will increase it's damage every turn, or the more damage it receives.
    Add new advanced gifts for magic inn.
    Show offline time on friends list so no one is keeping players when the list has a limit and many may never return.
    Every day by default, settings for many or all players are set to have all inviting blocked. switch it.
    Make the one click capture function in astros available to all not just VIPs.
    Create an event that will give colored flame items.

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    1. Might happen.
    2. They won't go for it. Their motive: create flashy and useless junk and be stingy on the balens.
    3. Could be fun, but I have a feeling that they don't do fun.
    4. I would like this. They probably will put some limit ********, making it worthless.
    5. They won't do this bit. For them, they want us to guess.
    6. Default or saved settings have been already introduced in the past. Thing is, no one's listening to our suggestions.
    7. Not gonna happen. Already multiple times been suggested. Most have turned to using macros from what I heard. Myself, I stopped doing astrals. Carpal on an old man isn't fun.
    8. They will tell us "dig" and be done with it.
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    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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      LOL....they pay absolutely no attention to suggestions.Spend your money and shut up...R2 philosophy


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        the only time their ears start to twitch is wen the recharge button fails hahahahhaa

        but if u looked at last survey it did ave 1 question their what do u want to see in next patch or what u want changed in next patch
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