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    Around January when my character was 25 mill Br and dragonchant was in the beginning by working hard , changing skills , gems, diamond etc using all the buffs possible i manage to reach the Demon Void map Hall of judgement when after one hour of trials i almost pass the level . As it was late in the evening i decided to try again next day.. next day after a patch i was not able to lower boss health to 50 % tried for an hours or so..

    Now we are at the end of May my character is 33 mill br (fully buff) sylph up from 22 to 35 all dragonchant skills up even got the second lvl battle beast 3 first potency activated and on the same map and i just spend another hour trying to same boss and guess what the result is exactly the same as it was in January.

    How it is possible that a character that has improve so much is not able to make any better than 4 months ago?

    Does anyone in r2 can explain.



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    I'm guessing you are at yayar the deflect boss, where most got stuck? Best in vortex is battle oracle with damnation+heals and wind ranger with cursed arrow, thorr with vulcan bless and any 2 delphic skills; remove the reflect with purge/puri rune and/or reflect time titan; need just road+moon titan; astrals matk/patk, crit, floating dmg (enhanced ruthlesness) maxed out; and then need try what slot you need what titans and also need lot luck with crits being activated. Took my mage (in dragonchant 29k br without buffs) also bunch tries. I used all best pots n scrolls I could and finally made it